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Laboratory Refractometers

Analysers for Carbonated Soft Drinks

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Updated July, 2011

LR-02 Laboratory Refractometer   LR-02 Laboratory Refractometer
The LR-02 is a rugged and simple to use instrument, equally at home on the factory floor as it is in the laboratory. Designed for high throughput routine testing with minimum operator input. Despite its simple design it offers 2 decimal place resolution and high accuracy at a very competitive cost.


LR-01 Laboratory Refractometer LR-01 Laboratory Refractometer
The LR-01 is a flexible and sophisticated instrument designed without compromise for applications where analytical accuracy is essential. As well as standard measurement scales for RI, Brix, % concentration, it can be user programmed with custom measurement scales. Despite its high performance it is also cost competitive.
DR-10 Easy Diet  

DR-10 'Easy-Diet' Differential Refractometer

The DR-10 'Easy Diet' laboratory analyser is an innovative system for measuring the concentration of diet or sugar-free carbonated soft drinks. A single analyser which for concentration measurement can replace HPLC, spectrophotometry, titration and other manual systems and methods.