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Updated July, 2011


Carbonated Beverage Analyser   BAS-02 Analysis System for Carbonated Soft Drinks
A turnkey system for in-line analysis and automatic control of Brix, %Diet and CO2 in carbonated soft drinks. Typically installed before the filler, the BAS-02 continuously measures concentration and carbonation for regular, no added sugar and diet products. In its full configuration the BAS-02 provides automatic Brix and CO2 control, data acquisition, and quality audit reporting. A unique feature of this high performance analyser is the unrivalled accuracy and stability it provides on diet products.
UC-05 Carbonation Analyser   UC-05 On-line Carbonation Analyser
A stand alone carbonation analyser for accurate in-line measurement of dissolved CO2. It features a fast analysis time, output in vol/vol or grams/litre and requires no routine maintenance or replacement of consumables. It is ideal for replacing poor repeatability and low accuracy at-line manual tests.

UR-22 Brix & Diet Analyser   UR-22 Online Refractometer for Sugar and Diet Beverages
A stand alone concentration analyser for accurate in-line measurement of Brix and %Diet. Suitable for regular, no added sugar and diet products. It provides unrivalled performance, particularly on diet products and does not require continual calibration adjustment. It is completely unaffected by the presence of, or variation in dissolved CO2.