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Updated June, 2007

LR-02 Laboratory Refractometer

LR-02 Laboratory Refractometer
The LR-02 Laboratory Refractometer offers high performance and ease of use at a very competitive price. The LR-02 redefines the price point for a 2 decimal place instrument. With its rugged stainless steel housing and 'Easy Start' operation it's equally at home in the factory as it is in the laboratory. The LR-02 has built in measurement scales for RI, Brix and % concentration.
UR-X1 ATEX Process Refractometer   UR-X1 ATEX Process Refractometer
The UR-X1 takes process concentration measurement into any hazardous area. Intrinsically safe and ATEX certified the UR-X1 provides high performance in-line analysis for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Picture Coming Soon!   BA-01 In-Line Beer Analyser
Maselli continues its product innovation with the new BA-01, the first genuine in-line analyser for beer. Without the need for any bypass loops or product pumps the BA-01 accurately measures % ABV and Extracts without compromising process sanitation. The BA-01 can also be integrated with our  UC-05 carbonation analyser for the complete beer analysis package.