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Updated August, 2006


    The Maselli group of companies has continued to make important technical contributions to the evolution of liquid analysis instrumentation since its formation in 1948.

Today Maselli Misure SpA in Parma, Italy is one of only a few companies worldwide capable of developing and building automatic on-line and laboratory liquid analysers. Collaboration with major end users across many industries, combined with continuous research and development, have given Maselli the unique ability to provide solutions to difficult measurements over a wide range of applications.

A multi-talented and versatile organisation, Maselli Misure has successful installations throughout the industrialised world. A network of subsidiary companies, distributors and local agents efficiently cover all markets, reporting directly to the Maselli Misure headquarters in Italy.

Maselli Instrument Systems was established in Northampton in 2002 for sales distribution and technical suppport throughout the UK and Ireland. The UK office joins other Maselli subsidiaries in Germany, France, Spain, USA, Central America, South America and the Pacific Rim.

This international Maselli group forms a coherent sales and service network, guaranteeing professionalism, competence, quality and technical support worldwide.